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Going for Gold

Posted on July 31st, 2012 by

hands unitedOlympic fever is raging across the globe, and residents of nearly every nation are watching their athletes compete for glory in London.  As we get in the Olympic and London spirit, Here are some fun facts:

  • $5,000 U.S. is worth approximately £3,183 in London.
  • The world record for the 5,000 meter run is just over 12.5 minutes.

Why all this hype about 5,000?  Today marks the mid-way point in the ERC’s 5,000 STRONG membership drive! Since we launched the drive , we have interacted with many new members and have seen supporters share our fun “5,000” facts on Facebook , and spread word of the ERC’s work on twitter.

But we aren’t there yet!

As you shout “USA!” while watching the Olympics, think about what those three letters really mean.  The United States was formed by immigrants seeking to live free from discrimination.  We are a country with tremendous racial and ethnic diversity, and the richness of culture that comes from a diverse population.  We are a country that is a leader in protecting the rights of people with disabilities—the Americans with Disabilities Act (which just turned 22) is the most comprehensive disability rights legislation in the world.  While we hope all ERC members can cite national pride in the greatness and legacy we have as a diverse nation, there is still much more to be done to maintain our leadership in promoting equality.

Members of the ERC play an integral role in continuing this impressive history of advancing civil rights. ERC members are crucial in our work; by letting us know when discrimination occurs, being a civil rights tester, sharing our informational materials, or otherwise supporting the organization.  The more ERC members there are, the greater our strength and ability to ensure equality. The ERC welcomes all members, and there is no cost for these benefits (although, financial support for the ERC will truly make an impact!).

Becoming a member is easy and special recognition will be given to both our 5,000th member and the member who introduces them to the organization. Simply click here and sign up. No financial contribution is required, but every new member who donates $50 or more to the ERC during this membership drive will receive an ERC “swag bag,” full of ERC materials.

So while you are watching your favorite sport over the next couple weeks, we ask you to reach out and pass the word of the ERC’s work along to your friends, family, and other advocates.

Cheers to a nation built on the strength and pride in our diversity!

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